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is the knee of Central America, bordered to the south by Nicaragua and El Salvador and to the west by Guatemala. It has a 644km long Caribbean coast and a 124km pipsqueak of a Pacific coast. The Caribbean Bay Islands and, further north-east, the distant Swan islands are both part of Honduran ...

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A Trip To Panama City

Day 1: We arrived at Omar Torrijos airport via American Airlines early in the afternoon. We purchased our required tourist cards (3 balboas, as US dollars are called in Panama) at the airport, then caught a taxi for the 18 mile ride to our downtown hotel. The ride in the battered, ...

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The Philipines

are off the east coast of asia, the latitude and longitude 125E/8S, the bordering countries are malaysia,Taiwain,andIndonesia.The main imports and exports are sugar,coconut oil,copra,copper,andlumber exports.The climate is usually warm,the area is 115,830 square miles the Philipines are ...

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is a country located on the northern coast of South America. It is bounded on the north by the Atlantic Ocean and on the east by Suriname. On the south side is bordered by Brazil, and on the west side is Brazil and Venezuela. achieved its independence on May 26, 1966 when it broke away from ...

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is the small country in Latin America. The conditions in are not anywhere near what we expect and get everyday. There are numerous active volcanoes and many earthquakes that cause much damage. The economic situation is not good and health problems are many. The per capita income for the year ...

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The Lowell Observatory

Lowell Observatory is located in Flagstaff, Arizona. It was established in 1894 by Dr. Percival Lowell. Dr. Percival borrowed several telescopes and managed to collect a small staff and began making observations of the sky. In 1896, Dr. Percival got a 24-inch Alvan Clark refracting telescope that ...

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is a country that, since its creation, has been rooted in turmoil. The recent years are no exception to this. Since 1988, power has been divided among the president, the prime minister and the military. Tensions between the three, however, have led to eight changes of government and ...

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is most likely known for its rich cultural heritage and its unique natural beauty. Its cities have spectacular churches and beautiful central plazas. Their museums contain some of the world's best-known art. got its name from the ancient Romans. Romans called the southernmost part of the ...

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The 1988 population census found a total of about 190,000 people in French Polynesia. However the criteria used for defining the racial groups can only approximate a breakdown of: 70% Polynesian, 12% European, 10% Polynesian/European, five per-cent Chinese, and three percent Polynesian/Chinese. ...

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The area of is 50,193 sq. mi. The n highlands, with a elevation about 2000 ft, cross from the northwest to the southeast. Several mountain ranges, the highest of which, the Cordillera Isabelia, reaches an elevation of more than 6890 ft, cut the highlands from east to west. In the west is a ...

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The population of from a 1996 estimate is about 125,449,703 people. The population density is of about 332 persons per sq. km or 860 people per sq. mi. About 78 percent of the people live in urban areas. Japan has an area of 377,688 sq. km. The Japanese Islands extend in an irregular crescent ...

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Chicago: A City Of The Senses

Chicago has enjoyed the tourist spotlight over the years, due to its cultural and economical prosperity. The crowded streets, ethnic bakeries, and popular malls add zest and flavor to this enriching city. Since my short visit in May with a high school class, I have dreamed of making the busy ...

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The Country Of Italy

INTRODUCTION Italy is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries in the world. Ask any person on the street to name an old and artistic country and they will answer Italy. It got its name from the ancient Romans. They called the southern peninsula Italia that meant land of oxen or ...

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The Finger Lakes

Region of western upstate New York possesses natural beauty and characteristics that make it an ideal area for residence and vacation. However, because of New York City, the state's defining attribute to many outsiders and locals, the Finger Lakes' fruits are ignored and shared amongst a ...

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Lassen Peak

Volcanoes are some of the most beautiful and dangerous things to observe in the world. Volcanoes are some of the most amazing things to watch, they make you want to be close to them but it's to dangerous.The volcano I chose was "" located in California,USA.I chose this volcano because it's located ...

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Kruger National Park

, park in northeastern South Africa, adjacent to the Mozambique border. Established in 1926, occupies an area of 19,485 sq km (7523 sq mi) and is one of the ten largest national parks in the world. The park averages 60 km (37 mi) in width, and it extends from the Limpopo River, on the border with ...

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Iraq: A Country On The Rise

Iraq is a country that is on the rise. After being crushed by allied troops for their invasion of Kuwait, they have begun the slow rebuilding process. In this report, I will discuss the basic geographic features of Iraq, and other various important features such as mineral wealth, vegetation, ...

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is one of the smallest countries in the world, with only an area of less than 1 sq. mile. is located on the French Riviera, which borders the Mediterranean sea. It is bordered on all other sides by France. The people of Monaco enjoy a stable government and economy. Monaco is ruled by a prince. ...

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Alexander's Empire

The ancient Kingdom of Macedonia, situated in the north of modern Greece, was established by Perdiccas I about 640 B.C. Perdiccas was a Dorian, although the Macedonian tribes included Thracian and Illyrian elements. Originally a semibarbarous and fragmented power, Macedon became tributary to ...

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is a landlocked country in southern Africa, roughly the size of Texas. It covers 224,607 square miles, yet contains only 1,444,000 people, making it one the most thinly populated countries in Africa. The eastern portion is where most people reside, because the Kalahari Desert covers almost all ...

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The Philippines And The United States

are very two populated place but still very different in many ways. The United States has more job opportunities than the Philippines. So, there more successful people in America today. In the Philippines, the percentage of arable land is 34% mean there is plenty of manufactured goods, ...

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Myths About South Africa

"Africa is (dangerous) wildlife", and the most compelling reason to travel to Africa is to see the wildlife. Most wildlife is not dangerous. More importantly, Africa is more than wildlife. Wildlife constitutes a very small part of Africa and only a very small portion of Africa contains wildlife. ...

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Southeast Asia

When thinking of you think mostly of chop souey, the Vietnam war, jungles, and very poor people. People don't think of the culture that developed and art that was created there. is a modern, geographical term used to define the approximate location of territories to the south and the east of ...

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The Pyramids Of Egypt

Imagine living in Ancient Egypt about 3,000 B.C. Imagine a society teeming with life and happiness. Imagine looking around and seeing beautiful buildings, fields of crops, and the great pyramids with their white limestone fašade blazing in the sun of the midday. It would be quite the experience ...

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Central America

, just south of Mexico and North of Panama, consists of just six countries; Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. Of those six, all share a distinct common history except for Belize. Belize for one is incredibly small, and while Spanish is the official language of ...

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