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Saint Joseph Cathedral

Saint Joseph’s has been around for nearly 200 years, 196 to be exact. Through the many years of its existence St. Joseph’s has had many architects and designs. Originally the building was a Spanish style establishment. It was first constructed in the early 1800’s in California. The last design ...

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The country of lies on the continent of Europe. It is located forty degrees north and four degrees west. The capital of , Madrid, is located in the central region known as the Centro-Meseta. The country of is made up of four regions: El norte, El este, El sur, and Centro-Meseta. 's large area of ...

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Mexico City

is the capital and largest city of Mexico. is located in the middle of Mexico at an elevation of 7710 ft. The city is surrounded on three sides by mountains. is not only the largest city but also contains the country's largest political, economic, and cultural life, with a population of ...

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The City Of Pompeii

Pompeii the ancient city of Italy, found in the Campania Region, built at the mouth of the Sarnus River, it is located about three kilometer south of mount Vesuvius, between Herculaneum and Stabiae. The city was built around 600 b.c. by the Oscans. Which was later taken over by Samnites. It later ...

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is located in Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It is between Libya and the Gaza Strip. Its geographical coordinates are 27 00 N, 30 00 E. ’s total area is 1,001,450 square kilometers, land area is 995,450 square kilometers, and water area is 6,000 square kilometers. The total ...

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The Five Themes Of Geography

During the 1980's the United States showed unacceptably low test scores on simple Geographic tests. The point Committee on Geographic Education could only attribute these results to Geographic Illiteracy, not only on the part of the students, but more importantly on the educators themselves. By ...

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Athens Adn Sparta

The Greek city states of Athens and Sparta were both considered to be very powerful, but the structures of both of these civilizations were very different. Both of these city states developed under different sets of rules and standards. Sparta grew as a military power while Athens grew due ...

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This paper is about a small country on the west coast of Africa called . It is a country built with the help of The American Colonization Society. I was established to place freed blacks in the days of slavery in the United States in the 1800s. The government was modeled after of the United ...

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I am doing my report on . is by Colombia and Peru. The equator goes through the northern portion of . The population is about 9,803,00. It's about the size of Nevada. Economics For , service and industries are a large part of its gross domestic products (GDP)- total value of all goods and ...

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World War 2 drew a hard blow and left a serious and lasting effect to many Asian countries. This however, did not hamper the growth of as their government were taking serious steps to recover economically. These countries are growing at a tremendous pace to the extent of being capable in ...

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Canada - Environment And Economy

1. The expression "official area of Canada" refers to the actual landmass of the country, thereby including all inland bodies of water, whereas "Greater Canada" includes external peninsular and coastal bodies of water (e.g. Hudson and James Bay). 2. As Hamelin stated, Canada has been both ...

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The history of is embeded with revolution and tension dating back to the feudal periods and the " first unified Chinese empire under Qi Shi Huang Di in 221 B.C. " The Confucianism ideology entrenched in the minds of the Chinese people with its conservative base and the need to achieve harmony ...

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The country I picked to do my report on was . , officially the Italian Republic, is an independent nation in southern Europe. The word "" comes from the ancient Oscan language and means "Calf". is a fairly small, important mediteranean country of about 116,328 square miles. Its capital ...

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LOCATION OF lies between thirty five degrees west longitude and seventy five degrees west longitude. also runs between five degrees north latitude and thirty five degrees south latitude. is located in mainly the eastern part of South America. This country sits in mostly the southern ...

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, a country occupying the greater part of the Iberian Peninsula, and bounded on the north by the Bay of Biscay, France, and Andorra, and on the east by the Mediterranean Sea. The Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Africa are governed ...

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The Namib Desert

is a parched and rippled desert, an endless expanse. It stretches along the wouthwest coast of Africa from Angola in the north, through Namibia, into South Africa. The name Namib means “emptiness.” About 1,700 km (1,060 mi long and 100 km (60 mi) wide, the desert is bordered on the west by the ...

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The Civil Rights Museum

One day in class, I was told to look up subjects concerning the civil rights. The only problem was that I did not know how and where to start, and neither did the rest of my classmates. After awhile working on the computers, someone in the class found out the address and presented to the whole ...

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is a small country located in the Caribbean Sea. The capital is Bridgetown with a population of about 8,789. The head of state of is Queen Elizabeth II and she is represented by General Dame Nita Barrow. The total population of the country is around 252,000. The main language is English and ...

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In 1918 was proclaimed a parliamentary republic. The Weimar Republic, as it was called after the town in which the constitution was developed, was started when had an unstable economy and many Germans rejected the democratic form of government. This republic ended fourteen years later when ...

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Thailand: My Perspective

Visiting countries in different regions of the world was something I experienced while serving in the U.S. Navy. I was given the opportunity to observe diverse cultures and religions as well as frolic with the natives during my port visits overseas. Furthermore, I would like to reflect on the ...

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Mexico City

is the capital of Mexico and the second largest city in the world. About 9 1/3 million people live in . area size is 579 sq. mi. lies 7,525 feet above sea level in the high, oval-shaped Valley of Mexico. has more than 350 neighborhood districts called colonias. Like Mexican towns, many ...

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, is the world's second largest country and it is the largest country in the Western Hemisphere. It comprises all of the North American continent north of the United States, with the exclusion of Alaska, Greenland, and the tiny French islands of St. Pierre and Miquelon. Its most easterly point ...

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Executive Summary There are many components to a successful organization, among them is a steady flow of innovative products that are consistently produced to high standards, available to customers when and where they are needed, and backed with diligent service and support. We will demonstrate ...

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was the site of some of the earliest and most advanced civilizations in the western hemisphere. The Mayan culture, according to archaeological research, attained its greatest development about the 6th century AD. Another group, the Toltec, established an empire in the Valley of and developed a ...

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Flint, Michigan

A strong culture is one that has dependency upon itself along with outside resources. The economy is hard if nearly impossible to predict, and this puts severe strain on a community that is dependent on one employer. Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Flint are examples of these types of ...

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