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For Chinese people what is the advantage of having many children? They provide many hands to work and ensure that the land will be worked when the parents are old. In the early seventies the population of China was a little under a billion. That is why in 1972 the Chinese government decided ...

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Hawaii: Prologue Of History

Until statehood, Hawaii was ruled economically by a consortium of corporations known as the "Big Five": C. Brewer and Co., sugar, ranching, and chemicals, founded in 1826; Theo. H. Davies & Co., sugar, investments, insurance, and transportation, founded in 1845; Amfac Inc. (originally H. Hackfield ...

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The Official language for is Hebrew. It is a very old language dating back over 5000 years. The version that is spoken today is different than the kinda of Hebrew written in the Old Testament. The version spoken today is commonly refered to as modern Hebrew. Since Israel is a Jewish ...

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Distinctly Canadian

Canada, federated country of North America, bounded on the north by the Arctic Ocean; on the northeast by Baffin Bay and Davis Strait, which separate it from Greenland; on the east by the Atlantic Ocean; on the south by the United States; and on the west by the Pacific Ocean and Alaska. Canada is ...

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The Panama Canal

The canal is joining the atlantic and pacific oceans. It runs from Cristobal on lemon bay, a part of the Caribbean sea, to Balboa, on the Gulf of Panama. The canal is slightly more than 64 km long, not including the dredged approach channels at either end. The minimum depth is 12.5 m, and the ...

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is a country located in southern Europe. occupies a boot- shaped peninsula that extends into the Mediterranean sea from southern Europe. The country also includes two large islands, Sicily and Sardinia. The History Italy has had a long and colorful history. For much of its ...

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Our report is on . Briwa comes from . is the northern west of Africa. It borders Algeria and Western Sahara and the bordering waters are the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. It is 274,152 Square miles big. The popular cities of are Casablanca, Marrakesh, Rabat, and Fez. The Climate is ...

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This project was chosen for a number of reasons. One reason is the heritage of one member of our team. Another reason for choosing this particular project, is that we are both interested in the subject. We had some resources that may not have been available to most others in this class. This ...

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The Essential Nile

Many features of civilization have evolved over time to become what one commonly thinks of as "civilized society." The development of government and writing in the classical civilization of Egypt can be credited to the reliability of the Nile River. The Nile was a source of unification ...

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is a country in South East Asia. Its neighboring countries are Cambodia on the east, Burma (now called Myanmar) on the west, Laos on the north, and Malaysia on the south. The main river in is the Chao Phraya River which flows south out of the Mae Nam River. The word nam means water in ...

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is located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is composed of about 330 islands and 500 more altolls, islets, and reefs. has two main islands. The island of Veta Levu (Big ) makes up about one-half of ’s area. Vanua Levu (Big Land) covers about one-third. Most of ’s other islands are just sand piles ...

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Evolution Of Canada

Canada, independent nation in North America. A country rich in minerals and agriculture, it was settled by the French and English and became an independent Commonwealth country with a federal system of government, in which the provinces enjoy a large measure of autonomy. Land and Economy. The ...

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Deep in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean lies one of mankind’s greatest achievements, the Sunken City of . Many people believe this to be true. Many other people believe that never even existed. As you read this report you may decide to accept or deny the possibility that truly did exist. Long ...

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Vienna Vs. Virginia

You might be saying, “of course Vienna and Virginia are different, there six thousand mile apart on two different continents.” However, in this essay I’ll show you how different they really are through the city layout, language, and transit system. Vienna is the capital of Austria, a country in ...

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Jamaica: "Jammin," Life In Jamaica

I. Introduction II. Recent History III. Geography A. Resources B. Problems C. Land Use IV. Economy A. Hurricane Gilbert B. Problems V. Government VI. People VII. Music A. ...

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The Population Growth Rate In India

For many years concern has been voiced over the seemingly unchecked rate of population growth in India, but the most recent indications are that some success is being achieved in slowing the rate of population growth. The progress which has been achieved to date is still only of a modest nature ...

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What Was It Like To Live In Rome?

? Nowadays when people think of Rome, they think of the Colosseum, the Forum, and monuments which represent the magnificent imperial city. However, according to the Third Satire, written by the satirist Juvenal, Rome was as bad of a city as a person could live in. The satire begins as his ...

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Geographic Features Of A Region Has Important Effects On Development

The geographic features of a nation or region have an important effect on the development of that nation or region. This effect is apparent in many in cases such geographic features as Japan being a group of islands or archipelago and the rain forest in Latin America. This essay will describe ...

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The greatest place on the face of the earth is . Nowhere else has the magic that a day at possesses. From my childhood to my adulthood, I have never experienced a day at that didn't put enough joy in my heart to far exceed the admission price. Rides, shops, shows, and characters, These are ...

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Old Madison Square Garden: Fond Recollections Of A True Landmark

From the world cup of soccer to the superbowl, people all throughout the world have dreams of being sport stars or even just meeting their favorite athlete. It is in some peoples mind, the ideal american dream. In a time known as the roaring twenties, people throughout New York were working ...

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is often called “The Land Of Smiles” because the people of often are smiling, and most tourists who go there have a fun time and are very happy. ’s old name used to be Siam. Now it is or in the Thai language it is Muang Thai, which means land of the free. The main religion in is Buddhism. ...

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Lincoln, Nebraska

The city of Lincoln is the capital of the Cornhusker State, Nebraska. Lincoln is located in the southeastern part of the state, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) southwest of Omaha. It lies in a shallow basin about 1,160 feet (355 meters) above sea level. Salt Creek and its tributaries thread ...

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The Dust Bowl

Dust Bowl, common name applied to a large area in the southern part of the Great Plains region of the United States, that got much dust storms in the1930s. The area included parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. In its original state, the region was covered with hardy grasses ...

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During the past twenty years has come from being one of the poorest countries to being considered one of the richest non-oil producing countries. This growth happens when a majority of the continent was struggling with African socialism. Within South Africa was encircled by countries at war. ...

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The people of have beard burdens that few in the British Empire can understand. I myself did not understand this until David MacFarlane’s novel; The Danger Tree was introduced to me. Keeping in spirit of the biographical nature of the history course, I was influenced by another book called Mrs. ...

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