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Generation Ecstacy

It’s been ten years since the English seized on Detroit techno, Chicago house, and New York garage as the seeds of what’s generally agreed—over there, at least—to be the most significant music since punk, and they’re celebrating with a slew of historical studies. Simon Reynolds attempts to bridge ...

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The film G.I. Jane takes place in the 1990’s and shows discrimination of a women in the United States Navy. Lieutenant Jordan O’ Neal played by Demi Moore, is a naval intelligence officer who has ambitions of moving beyond her military desk job, to become a member of the Navy Seal. Thanks to the ...

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Lawrence Of Arabia (Movie)

Arabia set a new standard for movie epics. David Lean's sweeping, magisterial direction, the gnomic complexity of the screenplay by Robert Bolt and Michael Wilson, and the awe-inspiring cinematography by Freddie Young combined to make this a thinking person's spectacular. Peter O'Toole's intense, ...

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Beauty And The Beast

Have you ever heard something go thump in the night? Do you believe in monsters? In the movies "" and "E.T.", the monster like characters the captured the hearts of viewers of all ages. They both involve two characters that are thrusted into lifestyles that they are not used to. The beast and ...

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Aaron Burr And Alexander Hamilton's Duel

Aaron Burr felt that he had many good reasons to hate Alexander Hamilton. Burr situated blame on Hamilton for many of the misfortunes of his life, when in fact, he alone was to at fault. The demise of his reputation began in 1776. “Burr was severely reprimanded by Washington when he was caught ...

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The Kent State University Tragedy

Kent State University was placed in an international spotlight after a tragic end to a student demonstration against the Vietnam War and the National Guard on May 4, 1970. Shortly after noon on that Monday, 13 seconds of rifle fire by a contingent of 28 Ohio National Guardsmen left four students ...

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New Worlds For All: Indians, Europeans, And The Remaking Of Early America

The Indians were the first people to be referred to as “Americans”, but by the time of the American Revolution the name no longer referred to Indians but to the colonist. The colonist were called Americans and not Europeans because their culture became a mixture between Indian and European ...

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Neil Simon Utilizing Charatter Exaggeration

NEIL SIMON: UTILIZING CHARACTER EXAGGERATION "Neil ("Doc") Simon stands alone as by far the most successful American playwright of this century and most probably in the history of the American theater" (Litz 573). He has entertained audiences for over thirty years with many Broadway productions, ...

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Stanely Kubrick

The American cinema is rich with powerful and insightful filmmakers whose bodies of work add to the legacy of American filmmaking. But a few filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch, two of the most enlightening and illuminating directors to ever grace the silver screen, not only add to ...

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Birmingham, Alabama And The Civil Rights Movement

In the early 1960s, two segregated cities in the deep south were the targets of civil rights demonstrations orchestrated by Martin Luther King, Jr. The tactics used by the demonstrators were similar; the responses of the top-ranking law enforcement officials in the two cities were disparate. ...

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Manet Painting

Before attempting to anaylse the significance of gender within Edouard Manet¹s work entitled ³A Bar at the Follies-Bergere², one must first identify , and note, the somewhat colorful events which occurred within the artist life, and note the way in which they must have undoubtedly prejudiced his ...

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When on -June 6, 1944-Allied armies landed in Normandy on the northwestern coast of France, possibly the one most critical event of World War II unfolded; for upon the outcome of the invasion hung the fate of Europe. If the invasion failed, the United States might turn its full attention to the ...

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Shoeless Joe And The Black Sox Scandal

After winning the 1906 World Series, the Chicago White Sox were not able to maintain their position of number one. They remained in the middle of the American League until 1915 when a new manager, Clarence Rowland and a new star, Joe Jackson, joined the team. Joe Jackson was a star from South ...

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Dona Flor And Her Two Husbands

Western world convention dictates, primarily through religious teachings, that a marriage should be comprised of one male and one female. Polygamy is legal in some countries, under Islamic law, and in some African nations. Based upon their religious and cultural foundations, the system of ...

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The Monitor And The Virginia

The U.S.S Monitor and the C. S. S. Virginia were the first ironclads to grace the waters of the American Civil War. Their battle in 1862 at Newport News Point is still considered one of the best and most exciting naval engagements of all times. The reason people think of it as the battle of ...

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Analyzing Curse Of The Starving Class

In class we learned about a man named Goethe. He developed a way to critique any category of art, whether it be a poem, oil painting, or a play. According to the World Book Encyclopedia, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) was a German poet, novelist, and playwright. He ranks among the most ...

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William Clark's Slave York

The names Lewis and Clark have been branded into history, along with Sacagawea, the Shoshone woman who helped guide their expedition across the uncharted American continent. How about York? Remember him? If not, you're not alone. York was a slave - the property of Capt. William Clark. Now a group ...

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Dead Man Walking 2

"Dead Man Walking" is a film that allows the viewer to see all angles of the matter at hand. That matter is a man's life. Is it morally correct to kill a man because he killed someone else? This question has been asked for decades and the answer changes a little every time it is asked. ...

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Frank Lloyd Wright The Pioneer

These ideas proposed by Wright represent a half century of ingenuity and unrivaled creativity. Wright was unquestionably a architectural genius and was years ahead of his time. The biggest obstacle which held Wright back throughout his career was the lack of technogaly that was present during his ...

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The Atomic Bomb Flashed Above Hiroshima

Hiroshima is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture, southwestern Honshu, Japan. Hiroshima has warm, humid summers with July temperatures. Hiroshima caught the attention of the world when a U.S. plane dropped the first atomic bomb on the City, destroying it on August 6,1945. The Atomic bomb blast in ...

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Human Nature And The Declaration Of Independence

I would like to show that the view of human nature that is shown in The Declaration of Independence is taken more from the Bible and that that view is in disagreement with two of the three esays given in class. The Biblical perspective of man is that he was created by a divine Creator with a ...

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Archetypes In Waterworld

The 1995 hit film Waterworld is a prime example of archetypes appearing in modern motion pictures. The movie displays three main characteristics that give it archetypal meaning. The first of these is the classic hero archetype. Secondly, many archetypal elements of nature are displayed. ...

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Franklin Roosevelt And The Holocaust

Six million Jews and another six million non-Jews were killed during the European Holocaust by a German dictator named Adolph Hitler. Hitler and the SS-Secret Service were prejudice against the Jews and anyone else that threatened the Aryan race. They humiliated and exterminated millions of ...

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John F. Kennedy And Cuba

A popular misconception is that President John F. Kennedy's assassination was an isolated event perpetrated by one man. This could not be farther from the truth. Instead, it was the result of a complex combination of domestic and foreign events. When President Kennedy was in office, he had to deal ...

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Nuclear Physicists And The Development Of A Nuclear Bomb

Scientists in the 1930s, using machines that could break apart the nuclear cores of atoms, confirmed Einstein's formula E=mc² . The release of energy in a nuclear transformation was so great that it could cause a detectable change in the mass of the nucleus. But the study of nuclei -- in those ...

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