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French Revolution

French Revolution Throughout history, there have been many events that have effected the world, and one of those events is the ¨French Revolution¨. Their was a call for freedom and equality and not only did it effect France, but it effected the rest of the world as well. This is what lead to ...

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Comparing Hellenistic and Classical Greek Culture

Hellenistic culture is differentiated from the culture of Classical Greece (5th century B.C.) because of the unity of its people under the leadership of Alexander the Great. Classical Greek culture is manifested, meanwhile, by the emergence of tension between Athens and Sparta, as well as ...

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Democracy In Ancient Greece

Under the leadership of Clisthenes, Ancient Greece achieved and practiced its crude form of democracy during 508 B. C. Under his leadership, Greeks were reinstituted or given back their citizenship, adding other individuals who have supported him and put him into power. He also created the most ...

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Japan's Invasion Of Manchuria

JAPAN'S INVASION OF MANCHURIA IN 1931 & AMERICA'S REACTION According to Ronald E. Dolan, when Japan joined fourteen other nations in 1928 in signing the Kellogg-Briand Act which "denounced recourse to war for the solution of international controversies," it was a foregone conclusion that Japan ...

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The Great Step-Pyramid of Djoser

An Examination of the Great Step-Pyramid of Djoser and the Belief Systems It Represented Introduction According to S. G. F. Brandon (1970), the ancient Egyptian sage Imhotep has two unique claims to fame: 1) he provides historians with the best documented instance of the deification of a ...

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Well even if Israel declared Its independence not very long ago, in 1948, its founding of the Jewish state is over 3,000 years old. It is a small Middle Eastern country with small density population. But with a big range of geographic, ethnic and religious diversity. It is a strong country the ...

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Ancient Egyptian Temples In The New Kingdom, Late And Ptolemaic Periods

Ancient Egyptian Temples in the New Kingdom, Late and Ptolemaic Periods Historically, the Egyptian temple served as the link between the god and the king, as a representative of the people. It was a mechanism for generating and maintaining divine energy for the benefit of one and all. The ...

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Inca and Spaniard: A Battle of Two Cultures

Inca and Spaniard: A Battle of Two Cultures It is rare to find one people placidly submitting to the will of another. Rarer still, is to meet with a people who gleefully welcome their conquerors, embrace their culture, way-of-life, and worldview. Yet, it is all too common to discover that ...

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History Of The Development Of Islam In Western Sudan In The 19th Century

History 351 Paper #1 Collin Host California State University at San Marcos Paper #1 One of the remarkable features to all the development of Islam in Western Sudan In the !9[th] Century was ...

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WWII and the Holocaust Video Questions

WWII and the Holocaust Video Questions Student Name: Asia Griffin Score: ____/10 Directions: While watching the short video, answer the following questions in complete sentences. 1. Which groups of people were persecuted during the Holocaust? The Jewish group. 2. Why the Jews ...

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Hunter and Gatherers Guide to the Sedentary Life

Benjamin Agwu Hunter and Gatherers Guide to the Sedentary Life Background The YouTube video assigned by the professor was seen by me on February 5, 2017 and it provided information on hunters and gatherers. It explained how human beings became civilized from historical past. The video ...

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